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Ranch Activities

Turn Out

is always the 16th of May. On the days proceeding the 16th we sort and decide which animals will go where, based mostly on the age of the animal and the type of bull that will go with them. On the 16th the Ministry of Forests allow us to move them from our deeded property onto our range land. This can take several days to complete in full, as our range is extensive.

Spring Round Up

is accomplished just prior to June 16th. We are required to have the cattle off of the spring range on the above date, and so spend several days gathering and sorting, and then moving them to a new area.

Summer Cattle Drive (must have some riding experience)
E-mail me for details on dates for 2012

The summer cattle drive requires some riding experience

On the first day we will gather the cattle at the ranch and then start them out on an afternoon drive. We ride back to stay at the ranch that evening.

The trail varies during our summer cattle drivesThe second morning will be an early one, and we always have a hearty, ranch breakfast before heading out. The trail varies, from alkali meadows to winding creeks, to muddy swamps and jackpine ridges. We stop for a leisurely lunch along the Corkscrew River and everyone has a nap, cows included! We continue to follow the river up until it opens up into Corkscrew Basin, at the base of the Itcha Mountains. Here our overnight gear will be brought to us and you will enjoy a well-deserved home-cooked meal and a good sleep! A leisurely ride out along the Blackwater Wagon Trail will complete the circle back to the ranch.

Fall Round Up

starts around the end of September and continues on until we have found all of our cattle! A great time of year to ride, the fall colours are spectacular!!

Guests will be housed in a comfortable cabin or a room in the main house. They will be welcome to use the house, washroom and shower.

$195 per day includes everything that you need for a trail ride or ranch holiday, excluding your sleeping and personal gear. Contact us for a complete list.
Rates do not include 12% HST
All guests will be required to sign a waiver.

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Trail riding horses at pasture
Photo © Chris Harris

Itcha Ilgatchuz Mt. Outfitters
PO Box 3385     •     Anahim Lake, BC     •     V0L 1C0     •     Canada
778 763 0044
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Member: West Chilcotin Tourism Association, BC Cattlemen's Association

Trail riding and ranch holidays

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